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Student Handbook 
Emergency and Inclement Weather Procedures

Emergency and Inclement Weather  ~ 
LCSD1’s rapid-notification system, ShoutPoint allows the district to quickly send phone, e-mail and text messages as selected by the parents/guardians. This system will be used in case of emergency and inclement weather situations. For example, ShoutPoint will notify parents of late starts, early releases and emergency closures due to weather or a crisis situation. School is canceled only during unusual circumstances such as extreme weather, facilities or equipment failure, an environmental hazard or a public crisis that causes a significant safety risk.

Do not call the school! LCSD1’s ShoutPoint system, along with all local radio and TV stations will provide the most current information to parents and the community on weather or emergency situations. It is imperative that all district lines are open for vital communications.
Emergency Closure Forms are included as part of your student’s electronic registration process. Changes to the information should be submitted promptly to your child(ren)’s school office(s). Up-to-date information is vital in the event of an emergency closure. Please discuss with your child(ren) the process to follow in case of early dismissal.

Late Start: Two-Hour Delay Opening ~ If weather conditions prevent making a decision regarding school closure by 5:30 a.m., a two-hour delay may be initiated to allow time for a final determination.
Two-hour delays are effective for all schools and all students. If school will not be held after the two-hour delay, an announcement will be sent through LCSD1’s ShoutPoint system and the media.

Emergency Closing/Early Release ~ 
Whenever possible, school closure announcements will be made the evening before via ShoutPoint and on all 10 p.m. TV and radio broadcasts. If it is not possible, an announcement will be made by 5:30 a.m.
If school is closed during the day due to a snowstorm, it is determined that all students have satisfactory transportation. Parent instructions from each student’s emergency closure form are followed.

Inclement Weather Boundaries ~
Sometimes the weather can be worse in various parts of the city and outlying areas. When this happens, LCSD1 will run buses in one area but not another. When this occurs a weather boundary will be called under the following parameters:

  • If it is unsafe to run buses in a rural area. Buses that normally run in the area would not run beyond the designated boundary for both morning and afternoon routes.
  • If weather conditions in rural areas warrant a bus cancellation, ShoutPoint will be used to inform parents of a particular bus route affected by the cancellation. ShoutPoint will also be used in the event there is a district-wide school closure. Parents should still tune into the local media or check the district website: www.laramie1.org for cancellations. If a route will be late 15 minutes or more ShoutPoint will be used to inform parents.
  • Boundary areas coincide with the high school your elementary school feeds into.
  • LCSD1 does not bus outside the described boundary during bad weather, even when school is in session. Rural buses do not run. Parents living outside of the boundary areas who decide to take their children to school during these conditions, will be responsible for picking up their children in the afternoon, regardless of the weather conditions. (See Inclement Weather Boundaries)

Emergency Management Procedures ~
A detailed emergency preparedness plan is available in the school office.
All schools are prepared for a variety of emergency situations including violence, weather, medical or transportation related.
LockdownIn the event total security within a building is necessary, all classroom and exterior doors are locked with no entry or exit from the building until the crisis is over.
EvacuationIn the event the school must be evacuated, all students and staff will be transported by buses to an emergency relocation site. Once everyone is accounted for, students will be released to a parent or guardian.
Locked DoorsThe school staff have been instructed to keep the perimeter doors locked at all times for the safety of the students and staff of the school. All visitors must check in and obtain a visitor pass at the main office.
Emergency Information—Parents are encouraged to listen to local radio stations and check the district website (www.laramie1.org) for additional information in the event of an emergency. Parents may also receive an emergency notification from ShoutPoint, the district’s rapid communication system.
Should there ever be a threatening situation or an emergency on a school campus and, for the safety of your child(ren) and all students:

  • Please remain as calm as possible.
  • Please do not attempt to go to the school. Access routes and streets need to be clear for emergency vehicles. Traffic congestion will make emergency response much more difficult for first responders, including law enforcement, fire departments, and ambulances, to get to the school to deal with the emergency quickly and efficiently. This is an issue of safety for all concerned.
  • Please remain at home or at work to make it easier for officials to contact you, if this becomes necessary.  If schools have the need to mass evacuate students off site, students will be taken by bus to an alternate location—you will be given information through the media and through ShoutPoint as to how and when to pick up your children.
  • Please do not call your child on his/her cell phone.  If numerous people are using cell phones at one location, it will jam the airways, which will overload the system and could prevent emergency and school officials from using their emergency communication devices. This would seriously hinder efforts to assist students. Schools also hope to limit student use of cell phones for the same reason. However, school personnel will work with students on the use of their personal cell phones and text messaging in an emergency to keep you informed with the most accurate and reliable information possible and to reduce anxieties.
  • Please do not call your child’s school building, as telephone lines will need to remain open to deal with the emergency. If the phone system becomes overloaded, it will hinder efforts to help students and to provide valuable information.
  • Stay tuned to local TV and radio stations for ongoing information and emergency instructions.
  • Check for updates at: www.laramie1.org
  • Remember, in an emergency, school officials will need your assistance. Thank You!
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